The Cater$avvy Program

Designed to give you the recipe you need to succeed in catering - no matter what your experience.


The Cater$avvy Program

The Cater$avvy Program was developed by Jerri Lee George, a caterer with over three decades in the business. After suffering a career-altering bout of Bacterial Meningitis in 2010, she was forced to close down her operation but survived to share the secrets of her career which spanned from Miami to Denver in her award winning, best selling book. 


Having lost everything, she rose from the ashes in 2015, restarted and succeeded, only to witness COVID 19 nearly cripple catering operations everywhere in the world. Jerri knew what she had to do - create  The Cater$avvy Masterclass - a virtual pathway to educate, support, and focus those who need more than just the knowledge of cooking. With guidance and mentoring and over thirty years of experience she can help you "get off the back burner" begin again, or improve!

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Benefit from the expertise and wisdom of our creator Jerri Lee George. Become a part of this multi-billion dollar catering industry! 



The Cater$avvy Book

The first step in this culinary adventure was the book CATER$AVVY "Secrets of the Trade Revealed. "It dishes up important facts, previously undisclosed tricks of the trade, professional advice, techniques, tips, anecdotes and the dos and dont's of the catering world.  This how-to book isn't just for food professionals; rather it is an easy to read guide packed with revealing tidbits about the art itself." - Red City Reviews


THE NEWLY REVISED COVID19 EDITION is full to the brim with information, ideas from contributing professionals coast-to-coast. 

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The Cater$avvy Virtual Mentoring

After seeing the success the advice and guidance the Cater$avvy book gave to it's readers, Jerri Lee George, decided to create a Virtual Mentoring opportunity. This online knowledge revolution is allowing more opportunities for people and businesses to grow while seeing, hearing and working closely with Jerri who can share:

  • Insights

  • Techniques 

  • Sales 

  • Marketing

  • Operations 

  • Covid Recovery

  • and more!  

    ONE FREE MENTOR SESSION included with the progam!


The Cater$avvy Benefits

Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn:

  • How to select a location and negotiate a lease

  • How to amplify your special gifts

  • How to throw a low budget – high impact

    grand opening

  • How to market your business effectively

  • Pricing for profit

  • Recovery - post Covid - what your peers

    are saying and doing

  • Re-open in grand style without fear failure

  • Succeed with guidance of an industry leader


Retail Price: $997 

“FIRST 50” Pricing: $297 ..

  • Your own Covid 19 Edition of CATER$AVVY

  • One-on-one coaching from Jerri George (within weeks of finishing the course)!

  • Access to the BE CATERSAVVY private Facebook group!! Share your concerns and wins with peers, and staff!

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You can take advantage of being at the dawn of the

Information and Education Age!
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What Our Customers say

Happy Chefs

"This course is so valuable to chefs, caterers, and restauranteurs who will pick up helpful techniques that will push there business to the next level.

I really enjoyed the book and look forward to what comes next in the CATER$AVVY program!" – Craig Pellis

"CATER$AVVY is packed with useful content on food trends, menu templates and ideas beneficial for the start-up or seasoned entrepreneur who wants to build a successful catering business!

Everything a caterer needs from start to finish with tons of examples on managing a budget, scenarios of working with vendors and staff, marketing and sales techniques to help you get your catering business up and running without a hitch. " – Sezoni

“Jerri George is a seasoned epicurean maven who peppers  CATER$AVVY with plenty of food for thought.  With her personalized coaching and mentoring program she helps guide students to success." -  Marsha Copeland