What is Cater$avvy?

The Cater$avvy Program: designed to teach the secrets to success for the catering industry  no matter what your experience.  Professionals, novices, casual party hostess... all can benefit from the 30 years of wisdom Jerri Lee George has to offer!

Meet the Developer

The Cater$avvy Program was developed by Jerri Lee George when she saw other professionals in the catering industry struggling. The catering industry is a multi-million dollar industry so there is plenty of business for everyone. Jerri Lee George decided to share her recipe for success! 

Cater$avvy Book

The first step in this culinary adventure was the CATER$AVVY "Secrets of the Trade Revealed"book. It dishes up important facts, previously undisclosed tricks of the trade, professional advice, techniques, tips, anecdotes and the dos and don’ts of the catering world.  This book  isn't just for food professionals; rather it is an easy to read guide packed with revealing tidbits about the art itself. It is a unique how-to book that is organized in a playful and original way, full to the brim with information, menu ideas and delicious recipes from contributing professionals coast-to-coast. 

Virtual Mentoring 

After seeing the success the advice and guidance the Cater$avvy book gave to it's readers Jerri Lee George decided to create a Virtual Mentoring opportunity. The virtual world is allowing more opportunities for people and businesses to grow their knowledge. Jerri Lee George can share her insights and techniques for sales, marketing operations, Covid recovery and more!  

Current Specials


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

-- Thomas Edison





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